Prep School

Welcome to you and your family,

I feel incredibly privileged to lead the Preparatory School here at Tettenhall College, blessed as we are with wonderful pupils, families and staff. We are a deliberately small specialist preparatory school where every girl and boy has the opportunity to develop and expand their academic skills, interests and talents. With small class sizes, capped at 20 but often much smaller, every pupil has the opportunity to spend valuable and targeted time with their teachers and our wider subject specialists, to ensure their preparatory school years deliver a strong and meaningful educational foundation.  We want every child to seize the many opportunities a broad independent education offers, enabling them to blossom into well rounded individuals ready to thrive in the wider world.

Our curriculum has been designed to nurture a love of learning and exploration from the earliest years.

Please read about our Prep Pathways Programme by following this link:

Our Nursery and Pre-School years are all about Discovery with the fundamental elements of reading, writing and the development of spoken English at the heart of the curriculum. Life in these early years is play based and yet is underpinned by essential learning points which provide excellent preparation for the move into Reception class and beyond. As your child progresses into the formal school years we introduce our Growing Roots phase (Reception to Year 2) which is designed to embed the fundamentals and allow these to grow and inform their onward learning. Moving forwards into the Upper Prep (Year 3 onwards) our children are ready for the Development phase where the curriculum expands further (taking on a second foreign language, for example) and working with a range of subject specialists to keep their horizons broad and their ambitions high. As the final years begin (Years 5 and 6) our work is firmly focused on the Senior Preparation phase as we work to ensure our children are all confident and accomplished learners who are ready and supported to take on the challenges they will be presented with in Senior School.

We understand and value the importance of the relationship between parents, teachers and the wider school.  We commit to all our families warm, regular and personal contact so that any questions or concerns can be discussed in the best way and at the right time. By doing this we work in partnership, something that underpins here at Tettenhall College.

We would be very pleased to welcome you to our School. We offer individual tours during term time and holidays, and free of charge taster days for prospective pupils so children can experience for themselves what a special place Tettenhall College Preparatory School is. If you wish to book a visit, please contact us on 01902 751 119 or email us

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and your child in person.

Mrs Raj Samra
Interim Head of the Preparatory School