Parents Evenings

A strong, positive and regular relationship between School and home is essential to ensuring that we are communicating as well as we can.

Our schedule of regular Parents’ Evenings are one part of this communication process. We will ensure that parents know well in advance both when their next meetings are and whether they will be in person, via an online link or a combination of these two mediums.

Please see to follow the current schedule of meetings.

Pre-Prep – 15th September 2021

Pre-Prep – 16th September 2021

Pre-Prep – 22nd September 2021

Pre-Prep – 23rd September 2021

Year 11 – 4th November 2021

Year 7 – 10th November 2021

Year 10 – 16th November 2021

Year 9 – 25th November 2021

Year 8 – 30th November 2021

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