Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At Tettenhall College we believe that children learn best when they feel happy and secure.

Every child’s contribution to School life is recognised and every success is shared. The School prides itself on its pastoral care, a fact recognised by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, who rated it as excellent.

Our Assistant Head (Pastoral) co-ordinates the School’s pastoral and disciplinary frameworks, working closely with the Heads of Section and Head of Sixth Form to maintain a good standard of discipline with effective pastoral care across the School, ensuring pupils are happy and achieving their personal best.

Form Tutors, whom the children see daily, give pupils support and guidance. The Form Tutor is a person to whom a pupil can turn to for help or advice, though the pupil may also talk to the Head of Section, Head of Sixth Form or the Senior Leadership Team. Our trained nursing staff and School Counsellor are available to help with issues of health and wellbeing, and our peer-mentoring scheme means that trained Sixth Formers are able to provide a friendly ear for younger pupils who need it.

Our pupils are encouraged to have a strong sense of community and always be respectful of others.

We have fully qualified nurses on site 24 hours a day and a sick bay.

All boarders are registered with our local, trusted doctor’s surgery and any appointments necessary will be accompanied by a member of the medical staff here at the School. Boarders also have House Parents, resident tutors and house prefects to support them.

We are always very proud of the many compliments our children receive for their behaviour both here at School or when out and about. Visitors touring the School are invariably impressed by their pupil guides, praising their courtesy and friendliness, as well as their pride in their School.

Our Pupil Code of Conduct reinforces this excellent behaviour and is aimed at keeping our children safe and developing their moral wellbeing. We have high expectations for our pupils and aim to instil positive attitudes towards others which will equip them well in any situation throughout their lives.

“Staff provide very effective support and guidance for pupils in accordance with the school’s aim to be warm, friendly and caring. The school lives up to its aspiration to be a single, inclusive community in which everyone is valued equally. Teachers know their pupils very well and are able to respond to their individual needs, whether academic, practical or emotional.”

ISI Report
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