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Sixth Former Nicoleta nominated for Lexden Prize

Posted: 7th June 2024

From her arrival at Tettenhall College from Moldova as an HMC full scholar, it was clear that Nicoleta was a phenomenal student who excels in all she does. With an extensive profile of voluntary work, awards, participation in extracurricular activities and being the co-founder of a charity, Nicoleta’s contributions to an HE establishment would no doubt be highly valuable.

A keen economist, Nicoleta has a tremendous amount of drive and a determination to succeed. She is a confident student who does an exceptional amount of reading around the subject matter. This has allowed her to participate in whole-class discussion and produce mature and well-reasoned responses in her work. This maturity and grasp of the subject matter at hand was evident in her recent end of year assessment, in which she achieved 72% in her macroeconomics examination and 82% within her microeconomics assessment. This equates to a Grade A overall, that is reflective of Nicoleta’s ability.

Nicoleta is a competent mathematician. She has enjoyed learning calculus and has particularly excelled at integration.

Nicoleta is a keen historian who can effectively translate her skill set to a wide range of historical events and precedents. She is at ease with the changing political landscape and turmoil of the French Revolution as she is with the impact of the changing British political system in the post-war. Nicoleta can demonstrate the full spectrum of skills required from an effective historian and can do so through both her examination units and her non-examined assessment (NEA) unit. Nicoleta is confident in her ability, and this translates to her leadership within the group where she can demonstrate analysis and evaluative skills.

To enhance her academic profile, Nicoleta has fully immersed herself in the Extended Project Qualification. Nicoleta’s efforts for this project have exceeded any other student whom I have come across. Her writing is highly academic, her further reading is extensive, and she has even interviewed university professors to further critique her findings.

Studying in the UK as an EAL student has been no barrier to Nicoleta’s success. She is highly competent in speaking, reading, and writing in the English language, which is further demonstrated through her grade 8 in the IELTS Exam.

Alongside her studies, Nicoleta has built her character through various roles outside of her education. This includes being a reporter and team leader for a youth organisation called, undertaking work experience at HKM Chartered Certified Accountants and volunteering at various institutions including Proficiency Youth Language School and Atrico. Nicoleta is an outstanding student.

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