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Historic restoration underway of Towers building

Posted: 15th April 2024

Image source: Tim Thursfield, National World PLC, 12th April 2024.

Thanks to the generous donations of some £2,250,000, roof repairs are taking place on one of the city’s most historic buildings – The Towers building at Tettenhall College.

The project which commenced in September 2023 and is scheduled to finish during 2025, will see the complete re-roofing of the building before renovation of the interior begins. The Towers building stands as a testament to the nation’s architectural heritage and holds profound significance in the academic, cultural, and social life of Tettenhall College for pupils, parents, staff, and alumni.

Already underway, the restoration project has made excellent progress, demonstrating the school’s commitment to preserving its historic legacy while ensuring a vibrant future for generations to come. The renovation so far has seen the complete replacement of the roof to the Ager Room and Flag Tower, including replacing damaged timbers, the laying of new roof coverings and the application of period-specific render.  The latter was essential to replace modern finishes that had been applied to allow the building structure to breathe.  Work is now well advanced to replace the roof on the Archive Tower and also in the area known as the Doll’s House.

Towers is home to a Victorian theatre, a beautiful library and classrooms that are used by all pupils from nursery through to sixth form. Once work has been completed, the doors to this beautiful, historic building will once again be fully open. Built in the late 18th century, the building has been part of Tettenhall College since 1943 when Tettenhall Towers, a Grade II* listed building was bought by the School.

Headmaster Christopher McAllister expressed his gratitude stating, “The Towers building holds a special place in our hearts. The renovation represents a significant milestone in the school’s ongoing commitment to excellence in education and heritage preservation. We are extremely grateful for the generous donation the school has received to allow such an important project to commence.”

Image source: Tim Thursfield, National World PLC, 12th April 2024.

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