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Children’s Mental Health Week at Tettenhall College

Posted: 5th February 2021

As we have risen to the challenge, once again, offering a full and comprehensive virtual curriculum to all of our students, our school Matron has re-launched her very own hugely successful wellbeing podcast series from the first lockdown, to additionally support the students through this challenging time.

Each weekly podcast concentrates on specific topics, delivering bespoke support for the children’s specific anxieties and questions.

The Senior school students welcomed this week’s podcast, with many expressing their gratitude for such support. Year 8 and 9 students said, ‘whenever I have a problem over the new circumstances I can just speak to Matron about it’, with another student summarising, ‘A day at a time, simple – good advice that we can all follow’.

This week, we introduced Senior school students to theme related topics surrounding ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’. Sponsored by Place2be, a charity that has the Duchess of Cambridge as it’s patron, they provide counselling and support for children of all ages, which is especially important during the current pandemic.

Students were asked to produce a personal piece of creative work by choosing an activity based project around the theme of ‘Express Yourself’

Students have created poems, positive affirmation posters, inside-outside boxes and photograph montages. Some have even collaborated to write a jingle that they will perform later in the week.

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