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Quantum 2.0 – Andrew.J.Ramsay – Hitachi Cambridge Labs by Vicky Tran (Y13)

Posted: 28th January 2020

On the 27th of January, I went to University of Wolverhampton to listen to the Quantum 2.0 Lecture of Dr Andrew J Ramsay, who has a Physics PhD from Cambridge University and currently works in Hitachi Cambridge Labs.

Quantum 2.0 is Andrew’s personal project. “If someone asks you what is the greatest thing that humans have ever built, your answer would be names of famous buildings. However, I will say this, the computer, is the correct answer.” – he said. Hence, the speech was mainly about theory of quantum mechanics, its facts and possible applications from his own research in order to increase the power of computing in the future.

It was great to listen and absorb the topic that I have not been taught. During the speech, I was asked to volunteer for carrying out a simple experiment about measurement basis of bits and qubits which ultimately led to “entangle state”.

Overall, the entire speech was interesting and useful to listen to, especially if you are particularly fascinated by quantum mechanics. Physics will answer all your concerns about how everything works together in the whole universe, and this quantum lecture has answered mine.

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