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Big Channel Challenge – Week Two!

Posted: 17th January 2020


P.E. Year 7 = 448m

Intermediate Academy = 4347m

Year 1 – Groups 1 – 3 = 896m

Games Years 9-13 = 4738.5m


Stingray Academy = 9720m

P.E. Years 3 & 4 = 880m


Dolphin Academy = 5697m

P.E. Year 8 = 2970m

P.E. Years 5 & 6 = 6520.5m

Games Years 9-13 = 6088.5m


Stingray Academy = 10543.5m

P.E. Year 2 = 2697m


The total swim, up to and including today is 67279.5 metres, which equates to 67.2795 kilometres. The crossing is 33.3km long, so by my calculations we have swam there and back and we are just in the water starting the second visit to France.

Up to today, my senior swimmer of the week is Lewis Vann Years 9 -13 Games, for being really dedicated to this challenge, which equates to an outstanding performance.

My Prep School swimmer of the week goes to Darryl Koo Year 6, as he has risen to the challenge and gave more than his best effort to the cause. Very well done.

– Tracey Bate, Swimming Coach

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