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The Big Channel Challenge and First Week Results

Posted: 15th January 2020

We are delighted that Tettenhall College has been asked to take part in the Big Channel Challenge to raise money for Level Water. It is an exciting, new event which the whole School can get involved in. I am writing to let you know what the challenge is and how you can support your child throughout their swimming journey. We will post our results every week to let you know how far across the Channel we have gotten together as a School.

What is Level Water??

Two years ago,?Level?Water was founded by Ian Thwaite because disabled children are only one-third as likely to play sport as their friends, facing isolation and exclusion from the start. The thing they want to do most is swim, so Level Water provides bespoke, 1-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities across the UK. Through developing independence in the water, each child develops confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

What is the Big Channel Challenge??

We have been asked to swim the distance of the English Channel (22miles) throughout January. Instead of actually swimming the Channel, all?pupils?will swim in the pool with their distance counting towards the overall total. This will include all Pre-School, Reception, and Year 1 to?8 pupils, during PE lessons; all of the Swim Academies (Developers, Intermediate, Junior and Senior); and the Monday and Wednesday Senior School games groups. There will also be an opportunity for anyone else, including staff, to contribute their distance to the grand total. There will be a further optional opportunity to have an extended distance swim during their 2-hour games session on Tuesday 21st?January (for Years 5-8) and Wednesday 29th?January (for Years 9-13).


We will provide a sponsorship form for those swimmers who want to raise money. Please return completed forms and money to Senior or Prep School receptions by Friday 14th February.


Every child can swim a distance they are comfortable with and no one will be asked to swim a distance they cannot manage. Swimming staff at Tettenhall College will keep track of the number of lengths completed by each child throughout the challenge.

First Week Results

On Friday 10th January we had officially completed 11.73km, roughly a third of the Channel, a fantastic achievement! Our Year 5 & 6 P.E group are the first week winners with a session total of 3915m!

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