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Literacy Day 2019

Posted: 27th February 2019

Our Literacy day was part of our focus on reading and literacy with the aim of inspiring our pupils to read more but the primary aim was to make reading fun and enjoyable.

Years 6 & 7 had a whole new timetable for the day. In Art children designed and made their own bookmarks. In Science they planned a trip into space using reference material from the library. They worked in teams on a book based treasure hunt and quiz in the library session. In English they acted out scenes from Shakespeare and practised their Shakespearean insults. In MFL they pupils read traditional fairy tales and identified words based on their knowledge of the stories as a well as their Spanish or French vocabulary. The favourite for many was the session with the birds of prey. Who knew that phrases “Under the thumb” and “Fed up” both originate from terms used in falconry?

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