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Insight into Engineering – Year 12

Posted: 4th May 2016

Insight into Engineering – Year 12

The Engineering Education Scheme in England & Scotland is an EDT Programme which links teams of four Year 12 or S5/S6 students and their teacher with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems.

The scheme provides students with an in-depth experience in science, engineering and technology that will enable them to make an informed decision about their future studies and career.

In October, a group of five Year 12 pupils (Gursonia Clair, Cameron Isbister, Ajay Sharma, Annie Wang and Lily Zhang) started work with a local nuclear engineering company Ansaldo NES to design and build a prototype extending arm. A potential application of the design is for use in removing nuclear waste from power stations that have been decommissioned.

Since building the prototype at a residential workshop at the University of Birmingham in December, the pupils have been concentrating on producing a full technical report on the project as well as a fifteen minute presentation.

Last Thursday, they were invited to the Celebration and Assessment day (CAD) where the report, presentation and prototype were assessed by a panel of real engineers. Although there were no winners or losers, teams were given valuable feedback on their project. The day was long and tiring, but the team were proud of themselves at the end after all the hard work they had put in.

Buoyed by their performance, they intend to rerun their presentation in assembly on Friday 6th May. Well done to everyone involved, this is an invaluable opportunity to gain real life experience in industry and develop life long skills.

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