Whole Prefect Team



How would you describe your experience at Tettenhall College Sixth Form?
It was the teaching at TC and the caring relationship I developed with my subject teachers that played a crucial role in my decision to study hospitality. I’m grateful to Tettenhall College for encouraging, supporting and inspiring me to pursue my aspirations and continue my studies with the same passion and dedication they have shown me.

What subjects are you studying?
The A Levels I chose to study are A Level Business, Economics and History.

What will you do after Tettenhall College?
My aspiration after TC is to pursue a BA in International Hospitality Business with the aim of being a future leader in the luxury business industry.

Outside of school what do you enjoy doing?
I love to travel and experience different cultures and practices around the world. Being constantly exposed to the vibrant hospitality sector from an early age, it has provided me with a unique perspective and I am fascinated by the world of hospitality and how luxury hotels operate. 

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